What We Do

NTG Farms


Create diversified sustainable agro ventures by embracing science, innovation and technology for increasing shareholder’s value and at the same time tackle the emerging concerns with food security and nutrition as a result of socioeconomic and climate change (Contribute towards achieving SDG 2)


To become the most preferred name in sustainable agriculturethrough operations in Bangladesh and abroad, while not only preserving but enhancing the environment.


NTG Farms, a concern of Northern Tosrifa Group, works with a vision of becoming the most preferred name in sustainable agriculture while enhancing the environment. This initiative, from its very inception, has started translating the vision by setting up new and unique agroprojects for fisheries and livestock to begin with. This business started its journey with state of the art technology and R&D set ups for making the venture both profitable and reducingboth financial and environmentalrisks by a great extent. NTG Farms is working hard to promote organic farming in Bangladesh and become a pioneer in the sector.

Current Projects

Recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) represent a new and unique way to farm fish. Instead of the traditional method of growing fish outdoors in open ponds and raceways, this system rears fish at high densities, in indoor tanks with a "controlled" environment.
Given the resource limitation in horizontal expansions of aquaculture in Bangladesh, RAS comes as a wonderful solution to vertical expansion and augments production of quality fish.

NTG Agro, very recently started concentrating on rearing good quality livestock. This initiative is a direct reflection of the market demand for high quality cattle both for dairy and meat, especiallytargeting the sacrificial animal market.
NTG Farms, unlike other cattle farms, would focushighly on rearing only the best breed in organic and natural methods. In this farm, the workers are highly trained and are made aware of the harmful effects of antibiotics, artificial growth promoters and chemicals. Thereby, this farms cows will be grown organically in its truest sense.

Way forward

Once established in the sector with its current projects, the venture plans to expand into both product and service subsector of modern agribusiness, such as agro machineries/vehicles, fertilizer, seed, agribusiness related capacity-building livestock health management etc.
Form an extensive network and strong partnership with national and international R&D based organizations, universities and research institutions.